NY CheeseCake – Feature Release May 2016 – Asset Tracking Software

This month, we’re celebrating new integrations, support for signatures on actions, and a powerful way to track equipment usage across projects. As always, our goal is to make our Asset Tracking Software the perfect fit for your organization. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release – the ‘NY Cheesecake’.

zendeskZendesk Integration: Integrating EZOfficeInventory with Zendesk enables better Customer Relationship Management for businesses which require equipment tracking. With every Zendesk ticket, EZOfficeInventory shows a number of insightful details for the requesters; their profile on EZOfficeInventory, upcoming reservations, and equipment in possession. The integration also enables businesses to link assets to a Zendesk ticket. Additionally, it helps the requesters check out more assets quickly. This reduces time spent on support cases by speeding up the identification of associated assets, which results in improved resolution rates. Say a person in the field requires help with the drill machine. An agent in Zendesk could follow up with specific details about the assigned machine. Learn MoreSAML SSO

Signing in via SAML: We now support SAML SSO in addition to LDAP. Users in your organization can sign in to EZOfficeInventory through SAML. This eliminates the use of passwords via centralized access control, and prevents illegal or unnecessary access from former employees. To start, enable SAML Integration from Settings → Add Ons.

cart management

Supercharged Equipment Management for Events & Jobs: The new enhancements in the cart module empower businesses to better plan and manage events or jobs. You can now mark these events or jobs on your calendar, make a list of all the required equipment and inventory, collaborate as a team, and do so much more. For example, cart for a photoshoot in May could include a few cameras, reflectors, props and lights, whereas a product showcase at Techcrunch Disrupt is going to need the devices you’re showcasing, some giveaway items and some branding material. Tracking items on a project-by-project basis has never been easier! Enable the Cart Module from Settings → Add Ons. Learn More

signatureSignature Capture for Seamless Asset Tracking: You can now record signatures with actions like check in/out, transfer of stock/custody, add/remove stock, and reservations. Display texts for signatures can be customized against each specific action. The signatures will be saved as a picture in the documents and images library, and you can find the link to a signature from the check in/out or stock history. This works as an additional layer of verification for any action taken in EZOfficeInventory. Try this feature out from Settings → Add Ons → Capture Signatures.

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