Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs September 2022 Release Notes

EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes September 2022


The EZOfficeInventory team has been working on feature updates and security enhancements designed to simplify your asset tracking experience. Improved filter settings enable you to sort out Members and Items based on your specific requirements. Security updates help you keep your data safe by allowing only credible log-ins. 

Improved Security With Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication makes your account secure by allowing authorized log-ins only. Every time a member signs in EZOfficeInventory, they will be asked to enter a code sent via email. Verified log-ins eliminate chances of unauthorized access and keep your valuable information safe. 

Custom filter enhancements

With the new and improved UI for custom filters, you can now search for your desired option and apply it to all Items. Create custom filters for multiple attributes and apply more than one condition at once for optimal search results. 

Member settings enhancements

With new filter additions on the Members Listing page, you can sort out users based on their onboarding and offboarding dates. For quick actions, you can now simply search Members by name and go to the details page for further information. 

Accurate records for checked out Asset Stocks

You can retire checked out Asset Stock to keep your records updated at all times. This  is particularly helpful at times when the checked out stock item has been damaged, lost or stolen. By retiring such stock, you can maintain transparent financial records with verified proof. 

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