Summer Brew – June 2015 Feature Release

Summer is finally here folks! It’s the busiest time of the year for a lot of businesses. This month’s EZOfficeInventory release has a couple of exciting features designed to increase your business’s efficiency during the busy season.

EZO_SB_1REVAMPED BUNDLES: Bundle items together to get things done with ease and speed. A bundle is an extremely flexible combination of items, which acts like a check out list. Build a bundle by adding items from bundle lines (asset, asset stock, inventory, etc). Say, a Beach Photoshoot bundle can have 2 DSLR Cameras, 3 Lenses, 2 Tripods. Specified quantities will be pulled up from available items with a single click to be checked out or reserved for a Photoshoot. Explore Bundles.


AGGREGATE QUANTITY ANALYTICS: A new report has been added on popular request. The report gives aggregate counts, e.g. when you want to know the number of assets from ‘Furniture Group’ at ‘NY’ location; or how many Forklift trucks bought from ‘Caterpillar’ are there in ‘NY warehouse’. Run more useful numbers from Reports -> Asset Reports -> Asset Aggregate Quantity Report. These numbers can be generated for vendors, asset names, locations, groups and their combinations.

EZO_SB_3NEW SIGN UP EXPERIENCE: New admin or staff users now go through a step by step on-boarding process when they first sign in. This is to ensure that all your folks are up to speed with how EZOfficeInventory works, and take a greater part in enabling more efficient Asset Tracking and Inventory Management at your organization. Take a look at the links for the new on-boarding experience on the dashboard help.

EZO_SB_4INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADE: We’ve moved to upgraded set of servers that are significantly faster, where computational power has more than doubled to bring you an even better EZOfficeInventory experience. You’ll be able to receive next generation features and experience better performance because we are now on latest Rails and Ruby versions. EZOfficeInventory is now completely on HTTPS, which means all data transfer is encrypted and password policy has been upgraded as well.

EZO_SB_7KNOWLEDGE BASE: Knowledge Base has been added to list help material. It’s the go-to place when you’re exploring new features, setting up any configurations, or troubleshooting any issue. There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on common support queries. A Getting Started Guide has also been released to walk the new users through the software. This can come in handy when you introduce EZOfficeInventory to new members at your organization.

UPCOMING RELEASE: We have planned some more exciting productivity boosters for our next feature release. These include improvements in Asset Stock and enhanced Mobile App experience.

Let us know what you think: Send in your feedback. You can also log your suggestions on our Community Forum or join in the conversations on twitter @Officeinventory. It helps us shape our asset tracking software monthly releases.


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