Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Turkey Bytes – Feature Release November 2014


Hope you had a great time with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Before going on a break we were working on some popular requests and workflow enhancements for EZOfficeInventory, which we’ve just pushed live. The main features in this release are:


Location History: Do your items frequently move around to different locations? We now record the full trail of location changes for assets over time. You can see when the location changes, the previous values and who made them. To use this functionality, enable the “Location History” Add On from Settings.


Reports in PDF: EZOfficeInventory reports come with an export option. You can export a report of your choice as a csv file to analyze it in excel or save it on your local drive for backup. You can now export reports in pdf as well for quick printing or backup purposes. Choose from a diverse range of reports in your account or generate a custom one as per your needs.


Asset Stock on Mobile: Last month in Halloween Candy, we released asset stock to track items for which individual tracking is un-necessary. For example, 100 chairs where you don’t want to account for every single chair separately. This feature is now also available on mobile.


Customized Check-in/out: Customization of check-in, checkout, add stock and remove stock forms has been enhanced. Previously the new values entered here would also update the item details but now you can choose to only record these values on check-in/out (or add/remove stock) events and not update the asset details. Edit a custom attribute to see these options in “Preferences”.


Tracking Late Returns: The Checkout Events report has been enhanced to include the ‘expected return date’ along with the ‘actual return date’ so you can keep track of late returns. There is a separate column identifying  assets that were not returned on time.


In December, we’re releasing Jingle Bells
By late December, we’re aiming to release Jingle Bells which includes:
a) Reservation module enhancement to allow staff users to request a reservation that administrators can confirm before the reservation is locked out
b) Member pictures to make it easier for you to deal with employees and users in your organization
c) Gantt Chart/Availability Calendar for better planning and foresight

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