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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Under The Scanner Feature Release November 2016

Under the Scanner – Feature Release November 2016

Under the Scanner - November 2016

Straddling the line between fall and winter, everyone was in the Halloween spirit this week with hordes of mutants and monsters lining the streets. In this time of celebration, EZOfficeInventory treated its users by going live with its revamped Mobile App for Android and iOS. We also rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release.

procurement management

Streamlined Purchase Order Workflow: Keeping track of what you purchased, documenting pricing negotiations, and managing vendors all under one system is very crucial for businesses wanting to track the complete asset lifecycle. This month, we released a streamlined procurement module whereby Admins and Owners can now create purchase orders (PO) for vendors and receive items against them from More → Purchase Orders. Both existing and non-catalog items can be added to POs, with editable fields such as stock quantity, prices and shipping addresses. Send emails to vendors for price quotes or to the admins for approval on PO requests. You can also print Invoices to document the Purchase Orders. Once stock is received, requested items will be added to the Items’ listing page automatically. To use this feature to the fullest, enable ‘Purchase Orders’ from Settings → Add Ons. Learn More

swaps

Swappable Assets in Checked out Carts: The process of replacing an asset in a checked out cart was a bit complex for some of our users. To overcome this, we’ve introduced a swap functionality to enable exchanging multiple items in a checked out cart. Useful in cases where damaged or incorrect items need to be replaced from a cart. Enable ‘Swap Checked Out Items’ from Settings → Add Ons. This feature enables you to swap assets only in checked out carts from the detail pages. Items within Packages cannot be swapped, but bundled items are swappable in a checkout cart. Note: Items can only be swapped by members who have created the cart. Learn More about Cart Management in EZOfficeInventory.

location barcodes

Search Locations via Barcode Scanning: With the addition of this feature, users can now add AINs to Locations which can be printed and scanned as barcodes. Scanning the location barcode will bring up the location details and you can follow through for added results. Add or scan location AINs while performing different actions against items. Configure how the location selection fields looks from Company Settings → Location Field Format. A dropdown is recommended if you only have a handful of locations. Search Lookup can be useful if the location list is long. Please note that barcode scanning for locations is only available when ‘search lookup’ is enabled. You can now know the exact location of your assets instantly. Learn More.

password policy

Enhanced Password Policy: We’ve also touched up our password policy. You can now configure ‘Password Policy’ and enforce it for members as per your business rules from Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings. The password policy can only be set up by an account owner, who can configure whether to include uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters – along with a minimum password length requirement. You can also set an expiry period on passwords to add an extra safety net to asset management.

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