Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Can I Print Multiple Asset Labels On The Same Page

Can I print multiple asset labels on the same page?

You’ll need to disable single-click printing. To do this, go to Notification Bell –> Print Queue on the top right.

  1. Uncheck ‘Enable single-step printing’.
  2. Print labels without single-step printing by:
    2.1. Click on ‘print label for an asset’, which will add it to the print queue.
    2.2. Click on Notification Bell –> ‘Print Queue’.
    2.3. Click the ‘Print All’ button.
    2.4. Click the ‘Print Queue’ link in the top right again. You should see a link to download the print label on the right side in the ‘recently printed’ section. You may need to refresh the webpage in case the process takes a bit longer.

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