Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Barcode Info

Will we be forced to switch to QRCodes if we currently use custom barcodes? What’s the easiest way to enter barcode information?

We recommend QR Codes since they have a richer data representation capability – we actually expect them to replace bar codes as a standard in the future! However, we fully support legacy barcodes as well. If you chose to go with barcodes, it is mandatory that you enter the barcode’s numeric value in the Asset Identification Number (AIN) slot. Using our mobile app, you can scan the barcode value directly into the AIN instead of entering it manually.

Alternatively, you can also generate barcodes from EZOfficeInventory if the relevant items have AIN associated with them (More on Label Designing).

Please note that only the QR Codes generated through EZOfficeInventory are compatible.

Learn more on how to scan existing barcodes using the Mobile App.