Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Is It Possible To Migrate My Data From Our Legacy System To Ezoffice Do You Provide Tools And Services To Help Facilitate Such Data Import Tasks

Is it possible to migrate my data from our legacy system to EZOffice? Do you provide tools and services to help facilitate such ‘data import ’ tasks?

Yes, migrating your data from your legacy system (Database, Excel spreadsheet, etc) is one of our most popular features. The typical migration process is outlined below.

  1. Export data from your legacy system into a CSV file.

  2. Use our Bulk Import feature (Assets –> Import from Excel File) to map the data in the CSV file onto the EZOfficeInventory schema. This can be done for Assets, Members, Asset assignment, etc

We also offer custom data migration (export/import) to our corporate customers.