Asset Intelligence and Management
Asset Intelligence and Management

Label print outs are slightly off from what the pdf shows

If you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, the labels PDF can be directly opened in the browser from Notification Bell –> Print Queue –> Recently Printed Labels. We recommend printing from here instead of printing from a separate PDF reader which can skew the measurements.
When printing labels from a PDF reader, make sure that the printer settings are not contorting the sizes. Verify the following:
  • In page setup, the scale is 100.
  • In page handling, there is no ‘page scaling’ (It should not be ‘Shrink to Printable Area’ or ‘Fit to Printable Area’).
  • In page handling, ‘Auto Rotate and Center’ is unchecked. Also, ‘select page using document size’ is unchecked. 
These specifications might be differently worded in your print settings (depends on your computer and printer) when you print a document. The gist is to have: scale of 100, no shrinking or fitting to print area, and no auto rotate or center.

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