Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS What Are Inactive Members And Why Cant I Delete An Existing Member From Ezoffice

How can I delete an existing member in EZOfficeInventory? How is that different from ‘Deactivating’ a member?

Account owners can delete members by enabling the option from Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Member Deletion. Next, go to the Member listings page, choose the members you wish to delete, and click on Actions on Members → DeleteWe recommend you enable this option only for the duration it takes you to delete members.

Note that you can only delete ‘orphan members’ added to your account. This refers to members that have not been involved in any activity or event to date.

If you want to remove users who have taken part in some activities, you can ‘Deactivate’ them instead. These users will not count towards your subscription package limit. The reason we don’t allow these users to be deleted is so that the system doesn’t invalidate the checkout history of assets. As an example, John Smith may have used a laptop before leaving the company. If his member record was to be deleted, the laptop’s past assignment to him will be lost as well.