EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes June 2022

The EZOfficeInventory team has been working on intuitive UI updates and feature enhancements designed to  simplify your asset tracking experience. Now you have even more powerful control over managing your team and setting system generated asset management email alerts. Improve incident management for faster, quicker and more accessible issue resolution with enhancements to the Jira Service Desk integration. . 

Manage Asset Management Alerts

Reduce  email clutter by pausing system generated Alerts for a specific period of time. Withholding Alerts prevents information overload and helps you stay organized by configuring them to align with company roles and requirements. 

 Updates to the Jira Service Desk Interface

The new and improved UI for the EZOfficeInventory x Jira Integration offers simpler, easier and more efficient issue resolution through centralized information management. Access Items instantly, create custom fields to link assets, and view detailed information on the Item card. 

Member Settings Enhancements 

Aimed at providing more control to Account Owners, the updated Members settings will streamline logins and Alerts. While previously the default Company Settings for Members applied to user provisioning applications, now you can  select custom settings for Google Workspace, SCIM, and LDAP. 

Trends in Custom Reports

Further enhancing the powerful Custom Reports capability, now you can group Item results over specific periods of time , such as  month, year and time. Use this data to look at and take actions on  trends across Item actions including checkouts, reservations and maintenance. 

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our asset management software, reach out to us at support@ezofficeinventory.com.