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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZO CMMS Blogs Dashboard Widgets

EZO CMMS Offers Interactive Displays Through New and Improved Dashboard Widgets 


The Dashboard Widgets in EZO CMMS improve your visual experience, making it easier for you to track, gather and display important information. With the improved displays, you can get a bird’s eye view of crucial maintenance metrics, and stay up to date with your ongoing operations.

The dashboard widgets help users in different roles in managing maintenance and repair workflows better and enhance user accessibility. Let’s have a look at how widgets can improve your user experience and enable you to better manage your assets: 

1. Need for the Dashboard Widgets:

Dashboard widgets play a vital role in providing users with a holistic view of their operations, and develop efficiency by easily viewing their metrics with the need to look at every module separately. This helps in achieving and tracking their set KPIs, such as reduced bottlenecks, better mean response time and reduced unplanned work orders, and improve their responsiveness to changes. By adding widgets related to purchase orders, work orders, work in process and more, you can better understand your operations and identify the areas of improvements.

2.Enabling Dashboard Widgets:

EZO CMMS gives you the freedom to customize your dashboard based on your preferences. You can choose, display and track particular KPIs for defined time periods by selecting widgets. 

To choose the widgets you want to display on your dashboard, click on “Edit Dashboard”.

Once you click, you will be redirected to the following page where you can customize your widgets by clicking on “Manage Widgets”. Here, all widgets will become editable, and you can make the desired changes by selecting the “edit” button.You can change the name of your dashboard, reposition the widgets and even delete them. 

You can also add a new header to your dashboard to make it more specific, by clicking on “New Header”. 

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3. Adding a new widget:

You can add new widgets to your dashboard by clicking on “Manage Widgets”. You will be taken to the following overlay displaying Dashboard settings. Select all the widgets you want to display on your Dashboard based on the categories visible. Once you are done adding the widgets, click on “Done” at the bottom and the widgets will be displayed on the Dashboard.

4. Widgets categorization

The widgets appearing on your dashboard are categorized based on use. This allows you to add widgets for certain tasks collectively, and divide them use wise for a better display and increased accessibility. Refer to the following guidelines to understand this better: 

i. Plan and deploy stage

The plan and deploy section consists of Operational KPIs including Work Requests, Work Queue and Work in Process, Work Requests Listings and Weekly Planner. Here, you can add KPIs to the mentioned categories by clicking on the “+” sign as highlighted below or ‘Manage Widgets’. 

The KPI you selected will appear under the categories and all related statistics will be displayed. 

Here you can see the operational KPIs: 

Here you can see the Work Requests Listings and the Weekly Planner: 

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For example, the Work Requests section displays all Active Work Requests and Approvals Pending Work Requests. You will be redirected to your Work Requests details page if you select the Work Requests box. Here, you can view all your work requests. 

Note: The functionality of each component in a widget will be explained on your account through a prompt when you hover over the component. See the picture below for reference:

ii. Management stage

The management section is divided into two main sections: Work Orders, Purchase Listings and Mentions

1. “Work Orders” gives a quick overview of all the Work Orders along with details like

  • Created by
  • Work Order Title
  • Work Order status: Open, In Progress or Request Pending
  • Expiry date 

By clicking on the icon next to “Review Pending”, you will be taken to the Work Orders Listings page where you can view all your Work Orders and take any actions on them. 

2. You can also add the Mentions tab to the dashboard through Widgets. Go to Manage Widgets → General → Select Mentions.

Once you enable Mentions, you will be able to see it on your dashboard. It provides you a holistic view of your mentions and makes it easier for you to access them through the dashboard through a single click. 

All your Mentions will appear here i.e., if someone has tagged you for a task. The window sign on the top right corner of the tab will redirect you to the Mentions Details page. There you will be able to see all your mentions. 

The red dot in front of the mention shows that the mention is unread and needs to be read. You can also “Mark all as read’ by clicking on the text in the bottom left corner. 

iii. Optimization stage

The Optimization stage consists of Work Insights. The CMMS insights are easy to understand maintenance metrics that allow the user to understand their operations better. These include:

  • Maintenance Cost
  • Mean Time to Respond
  • Mean Time to Start 
  • Unplanned WOs 

When you enable these insights on your dashboard, you will see that Unplanned WOs, Mean time to Start and Mean Time to Start will appear under one tab called “Work Order Insights”. Whereas, you will see a separate tab for Maintenance Cost. 

These statistics allow you to make better decisions and see how well your business is doing in terms of processing Work Orders and how the maintenance cost is being recorded over time. 


EZO CMMS is the next generation maintenance management software. It does more than just simple maintenance, it empowers your teams with a central command center to assign and complete work orders to achieve optimal productivity. We offer a free 15-day trial – no credit card required!

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