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3 Ways Asset Tracking Software Improves Employee Productivity


Asset tracking software and workplace productivity

Employee productivity always seems to be at the forefront of the business blogosphere, but in actual management circles, it can be one of the most neglected workplace aspects. Overcoming this problem is more important now than ever, especially since a 2016 report by the US Bureau of Labor indicated that employee productivity is at an all time low. To address this issue, managers should branch out and address inefficiencies in areas of business that have been neglected as far as productivity is concerned. These left-field antidotes to low productivity could include, for example, ensuring your employees have the tools they require to get their job done, or guaranteeing downtimes don’t affect their ability to carry out their tasks. This is where asset tracking software steps in.

Any equipment tracking software worth its salt should help employees manage business assets effectively. But that’s not all! Solutions such as these can enable your workforce to save time, cut losses, and streamline workflows, all with no extra effort. Below, we’ll outline three major ways asset tracking software can bolster employee productivity.

Tools in hand, exactly when they need to be

Studies have found that the 90 minute interval is the golden zone of productivity. This means that employees work best when they’re focusing on a task uninterrupted for that amount of time. However, this period could be interrupted by many things. A factory worker could be waiting on more stock to begin production, whereas an office employee could be waiting on IT to get that printer going again. These hiccups are something we’re all used to. The supply chain of ‘getting your job done’ can be long and confusing. This is where asset tracking software could come in handy. Not only does the system let you see who has access to which equipment, but it can also allow you to reserve items for future use, and even order some more! This ensures that everyone has tools in hand to work on their tasks. No more interruptions, and no more excuses!

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In this way, workers can focus on what they’re meant to do, and bypass hour upon hour taken up every month to hunt down equipment necessary for their jobs. The upsides of this are not just that your workforce is armed with vital tools, but also the fact that workflows are a lot more streamlined, allowing productivity to skyrocket at your workplace!

Getting the most out of your work day

Asset tracking software can also help your employees get the most out of their work day. An employee confused about equipment procurement chains can waste a lot of time going up to sysadmins, chasing down the last known person to have access to something they need, or even worse, giving up and using a tool not right for their job! This is why a system which centralizes all information about business assets – such as where they are, how long they’ll be in another person’s custody, and the process required to book an item for the future – can be a huge boon for staff. There’s no guesswork involved, and your employees remain happy! This is also great news for another reason; studies have found that happy employees are a lot more likely to also be more productive.

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SOURCE: cornerstone

This can help employees prioritize their tasks according to when certain items are available. Not just this, but it can give them a lot more freedom in terms of the jobs they are allowed to focus on. ‘Not enough hours in a day’ should therefore not be an excuse anymore! This is all the more so because the same asset tracking software can be used to manage work orders, so employees’ daily tasks as they relate to certain business assets or locations can now be managed remotely and with little effort. This can be a great way to keep tabs on employee performance, especially as it relates to time management.

Downtimes shouldn’t put an end to productivity

We all know about equipment downtimes. Machines have to be regularly maintained, which is why production in a certain area is halted while they’re serviced. This doesn’t just apply to heavy duty machines on construction sites or in factories. The IT department can also shut down some operations if they want to install updates or do an inspection of IT assets. This is why asset tracking software that allows you to plan for these maintenance activities is a huge help for businesses. You can not only schedule services to take place at certain times, but because information on the asset tracking system is shared all across the organization, people can be made aware of when certain services are going to go down. This ensures no one’s idling away while important updates and maintenance tasks take place.

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SOURCE: The MckInsey global institute

This aspect of staying connected to what others are doing in an organization – for example, the maintenance crew and asset custodians co-sharing information – is a feature that allows asset tracking software to pay really big dividends towards an organization. In fact, maintenance activities can even be prioritized by simply flagging items up when they’re handed back in by an employee. This ensures that any out-of-schedule maintenance activities don’t throw a wrench into your business processes!

Asset tracking software is a great tool for bolstering workplace productivity

Asset tracking software can therefore be a huge help to businesses looking to lower employee responsibility while at the same time encouraging transparency and greater productivity. By allowing employees to focus on what they’re really good at, equipping them with the necessary tools, and ensuring they have enough time for their allotted tasks, asset tracking software encourages workplace productivity to take flight!

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