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Design Avery labels for your EZOfficeInventory label data


Avery hosts an extensive collection of common printout templates for companies to build the perfect labels for their items. These are completely customizable and easy to make. Design Avery labels in minutes and populate them with your EZOfficeInventory item data.

1. Exporting Print Label Data

To get started, you need your print label data from EZOfficeInventory. Get it from More > Printout Templates > Labels > Export print label data for commercial printing.

This action emails you a CSV file of your print label data. You’ll need this once you begin designing your Avery labels.

2. Start designing with Avery

Head to the Avery label designer and click on ‘Start Designing’. You might have to create an account if you don’t already have one – this only takes a minute.

start designing avery labels

3. Customize your design

It’s time to design Avery labels for your tags. Let’s get started.

1. Choose a template that matches your layout, size and color requirements.

avery templates

2. Pick an appropriate design for your labels.

avery designs

3. Next, you need your label data source. Click on ‘Import Data Mail Merger’ in the left panel, and then on ‘Start import/merge.’

3.1. Upload a spreadsheet and then select the rows and columns to import. Be sure to deselect Row #1 if it includes your column titles.

3.2. Now, you need to add relevant data points to your labels. Drag your desired fields to the placeholder area on the right. This enables you to arrange data points however you like. Click ‘Next’ once you are done.

3.3. Your labels should include a barcode or a QR code so it can be scanned by a reader. From the left-side panel, click on More > QR and Barcodes > Add a Barcode or QR code > Spreadsheet or Sequential Number. 

3.4. Next, select Spreadsheet in Step 1 and drag the identification number field to Step 2. Click on ‘Finish’ once you are done.

add identifier to your avery label

3.5. You’ll be able to see your barcode on the label. Drag and resize it according to your preferences. You can also use the settings on the left-side panel to adjust your barcode. Choose the appropriate Industry format and drag the relevant identification number field to the left-side.

4. Once you’re done with that, click ‘Next’. You’ll be able to preview your label.

label after QR code

5. You can also explore the designer and add others elements to your labels. Add a unique shape to indicate newly procured items and text to add more details to your labels.

6. Once you’re done customizing, click ‘Next’ to preview your design.

preview your avery label

7. If you like the preview, click ‘I Approve My Design’ to save it and have Avery print the labels for you. If you’d like to print the labels yourself, click ‘print this myself’.

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