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Revolution in the North Pole: Elves Demand Asset Tracking Software

3 reasons why asset tracking software will save the holiday cheer

Why the Elves are Revolting in Favor of Asset Tracking Software

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year, packed with presents and merry get-togethers. However, things are not so merry at the North Pole where the Elves are overworked and stressed out. Turns out, the old method of using spreadsheets to track assets and equipment just isn’t working anymore. Equipment malfunctions, missing tools and asset scheduling clashes have drastically affected both the quality and quantity of production. The Elves are now looking towards asset tracking software to decrease costs and production delays and increase productivity. Here are some reasons why the Elves believe that the software will be the best productivity tool for them.

Get the right tools for the job

The Elves are annoyed and frustrated because they constantly have to delay their work to look for tools. First of all, manager Elves are too slow when it comes to locating tools and issuing them out. Secondly, the tools are usually never where the records say they are. Finally, even when the Elves manage to locate the tools in time, the tools are usually broken or double booked.

The Elves have had enough and they believe that a more reliable and efficient asset tracking system needs to be put in place. They are arguing that asset tracking software is the way to go. With it they can Barcode/QR Code their assets in order to know exactly where a tool is, who has it and what condition it is in. The software will also allow them identify lost, broken and missing tools. The best part of the software is that it will make all their tools instantly accessible. That means that they will no longer have to go through manager Elves to look up, check availability and issue tools. Assets will easily be booked through the online website or mobile app without encountering any scheduling clashes with other Elves. Finally, the Elves can book their tools well in advance and ensure that they are ready when they need then.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Even worse than not having the right tools for the job is having equipment that breaks down in the middle of production. The Elves have had to deal with too many such situations. Equipment breakdowns and lack of repairs have led to indefinite production delays. The Elves responsible for maintenance are finding it extremely difficult to keep track of equipment maintenance and tracking needs. There is simply too much equipment maintenance that needs to be tracked.

They are hoping that asset tracking software will enable them to make this entire process of equipment maintenance effective and seamless. They intend to use the advanced service and maintenance module of the software to track equipment maintenance. This means that they can easily set up alerts for regular equipment maintenance check-ups. Regular maintenance will reduce the number of unexpected equipment breakdowns and ensure that production isn’t delayed. They can easily set up service and maintenance requests and assign them to different maintenance Elves. They can stay on top of the maintenance process by using the integrations offered by the software. With it they will know who is responsible for the maintenance/repair and when it is scheduled to be completed.

Overcome asset shortages

The Elves have a job to do but for it they need to have all relevant materials and equipment available. They are tired of hearing that the required equipment wasn’t procured in time or that the inventory was never restocked. Even the Elves who checked inventory ahead of production are finding themselves in a bind as outdated records of inventory falsely indicated stock levels.  

In order to rid themselves of asset shortages the Elves intend to closely and accurately monitor inventory levels using asset tracking software. They can receive automated email alerts whenever inventory levels are low. They will also know which vendors are responsible for which items and order more items all from one place. This real time tracking of assets and inventory items will ensure that the Elves never run out of materials and equipment that they need to stay on schedule.


In order for the Elves to stay on schedule and ensure that we all get our presents this holiday season, an efficient and effective asset tracking system is needed. We hope that the Elves are able to get asset tracking software so that they can work in a stress free and productive environment.

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