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Equipment Maintenance System: Optimize Life of Your Business Assets The Right Way


How best to use equipment maintenance system for better results?

What can be worse than trying to get a job done but be constantly held up because of breakdowns? That is what happens when you don’t regularly service and or keep checks on your equipment. It not only saves you from expensive repairs but also extends the life of your equipment. Such unproductivity and inefficiency must be avoided at all costs. Even a new piece of equipment can fail to work properly right on its first day of operation. However, you can optimize the life of your business assets and tackle equipment maintenance issues by using equipment maintenance system.

An equipment maintenance system helps to anticipate wear, tear and change. Managers can continuously take corrective actions to ensure performance, reliability, and health of equipment. An equipment maintenance solution in place helps in the systematic modification, replacement, and inspection of an equipment. A good maintenance system minimizes unscheduled downtimes and extends an equipment’s life.

Even the most dependable and powerful machinery needs basic attention so it can offer you unmatched productivity and exceptionally long service life. The more meticulous you are in ensuring your equipment is in good working order, the more time you will be able to save.

How does equipment maintenance system optimize the life of business assets?

1. Document your equipment’s service history

equipment maintenance system logs

You sure cannot keep track of all the services that have been done on your machinery. Along with data on when maintenance was done and when it should be done again. You don’t have to remember all the details anymore or record it in error-prone spreadsheets. Why? Because you have equipment maintenance software to do that for you. It documents service records and allows you to paint an accurate picture of your equipment’s health. Regular and constant maintenance becomes a breeze as the system alerts the technicians on a service or maintenance scheduled on a certain equipment.

Make the right decisions regarding your equipment by analyzing equipment history

Being responsible for hundreds of different equipment, it is not an easy task to know where the problems are. You should be able to know which equipment needs to be investigated as efficiently and quickly as possible. That is exactly where equipment history in your equipment maintenance solution comes into play. It documents what type of servicing was performed or when the next servicing is needed. It keeps track of the date of service or maintenance performed and what parts were replaced.

Service records not only offer a chronological record of maintenance but also provide you with a documented proof that your equipment has been maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Having complete records helps you make the right decision about your equipment.

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2. Monitor your equipment’s overall condition at all times

Owning and operating equipment, particularly heavy equipment is a big undertaking. You simply cannot gamble with your investment. From simple things like oiling to detailed inspections, monitoring your equipment can go a long way in increasing its life. With maintenance management system, you can monitor your equipment at all times. Monitoring the condition of your equipment on a regular basis prevents unexpected breakdowns. It prevents unnecessary repair costs that slow down growth and efficiency.

It also happens to be a proactive approach to gather and analyze data that is crucial to the health of your valuable equipment. Electronic information collection with maintenance system offers a real-time picture of the health, availability, and activity of your equipment. It harnesses necessary data for you to make the key adjustment that will not only improve operational efficiency, but also the life of your business assets.

Monitoring the overall equipment condition includes gathering, organizing, and responding to historical data and service reports. With data analysis at your disposal, you can make accurate recommendations for repairs, inspections, and maintenance that can increase lifecycle performance and minimize operating costs.

3. Resolve spare part issues and prevent unscheduled downtimes

equipment maintenance system for spare parts

Equipment maintenance system helps you to calculate an estimate of expected spare parts demands in the coming months. This allows you to get your orders earlier and also set reorder points. Doing this automatically reminds you to replenish your dwindling spare parts stock. Equipment reports on work orders help you to determine spare part availability and usage. It gives you an accurate idea of the number and type of spare parts at hand. With the calendar feature, you can pre-plan preventive maintenance. And in case it is being skipped by technicians or work orders are not being properly followed, you will be instantly notified.

Keep your spare part stock available at all times and keep your business operations move without disruptions

The reports generated by the maintenance system helps you to observe equipment downtimes in the past year. An equipment downtime happens to be unusually high for some equipment. One of the major reasons for frequent downtime is the unavailability of spare parts. You can even check if the same parts keep needing replacement. The managers can then consider altering the operational flow so that equipment is not overloaded. Or they can stop investing in additional equipment.

EZOfficeInventory – The right solution for the job

Certain equipment requires special attention as they are made up of many intricate parts. It is important that you make sure that your machinery always remains in good shape. Regular maintenance must be done on a regular basis. EZOfficeInventory’s equipment maintenance app ensures that your technicians do the required work and everything remains organized.

Simple routine maintenance can cut costs wherever possible which makes service a priority. Most of the equipment is not cheap and good companies must take care of its equipment for its longer life. With our equipment maintenance system, you can prolong the life of your equipment and get more hours out of it. This results in increased profits and reduced costs.

Numerous benefits of our tool have triggered many maintenance managers to shift from reactive maintenance. They have chosen a regular maintenance plan, aimed at preventing problems and optimizing equipment. It helps to schedule maintenance tasks and keep all your records of fixes and inspections organized. You can keep a close eye on your technicians and make sure that the tasks are completed on time.

Want to learn more about our equipment maintenance system?

EZO CMMS is a robust maintenance management software used by companies around the world. Take care of your equipment’s health and optimize the life of your valuable business assets!

You can try out our maintenance tracking software by signing up today for a free 15-day trial. For more assistance, drop us an email at

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