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Getting Started with the New EZOfficeInventory Mobile App


We have redesigned the EZOfficeInventory mobile app, with an experience that helps your team work more effectively with minimal friction. Take actions on the app with faster navigation designed for instant access to different modules. View a snapshot of all important events as soon as you log in from the Dashboard. Improved functionality with easy screen actions enables higher productivity even in remote locations.

How do I access the new EZOfficeInventory Mobile App?

iOS: There is a delay with the iOS app on the App Store’s side and we expect it to be launched on March 27/28. 

Android: We’re excited to announce that the new mobile app experience is now available for Android users! If you do not have auto-update enabled on your device, go to the Play Store to perform a manual update

To download the Getting Started Guide , click on the button below:

Or, you can first read about what to expect inside this guide!

Table of Contents:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Navigation Menu
  3. Global Search
  4. Item Center
  5. Scanning Items
  6. Carts
  7. Bundles
  8. Packages
  9. Work Orders
  10. Locations

Watch the New Mobile App Experience: Webinar and Training Videos

The new mobile app experience is the result of months of careful work by our team. It offers a completely fresh and intuitive user experience to help you navigate through your most important daily tasks.

To make this transition from the current experience smooth, we had a webinar to discuss some of the upcoming updates and answer any questions you may have. You can watch this webinar below to get a sneak preview of the exciting new updates coming your way!

Webinar : [Watch NOW]
Training videos: [Watch NOW]
Quick Tips/Help: [Read NOW]

About EZOfficeInventory
EZOfficeInventory is the leading asset tracking software with a robust mobile app that is easy to use and easy to navigate for asset assignments, maintenance, and work orders. We’ve worked with thousands of companies of all sizes, helping them lower costs, optimize workflows, and improve transparency through use of a streamlined, centralized system.

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Getting Started with EZOfficeInventory

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