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Asset Intelligence and Management

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A Guide To Web Based Fixed Asset Management Software


Tackle poor asset performance – Raise efficiency in business management

To start off a successful business, you need to make the right capital investments. But, this is just the initial step of a complicated management structure. Be it either a small or a medium-sized company, both operate along the same rules and aim for higher revenues. The smart business move would be to earn maximum returns as time progresses. One way to go about this is to implement a robust organizational system.

Here are a few tips to refine your business performance to gain improved outcome levels:

  • Arrange easily accessible database: To work consistently, your employees need to work with secure and updated information about the business. Doing this gives you an edge over your competitors as you can react quickly to business changes.  
  • Get organized: The first rule about working with a large asset base is to keep it under constant supervision. This way you will be in touch with business activities at all times.
  • Minimize risk: Once you put in your best efforts, you need to take precautionary measures as well. This is necessary as some things are not under the company’s control. A sophisticated software can help you lower instances of fraud.
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It isn’t easy to raise productivity levels, but your company can choose a software which can help it do so. Majority of companies have opted for cloud computing and because of this, revenue spent on IT services is predicted to increase in the coming years.

Source: Statista

A web based fixed asset management software lets your company achieve economies of scale in work operations to increase efficiency levels. The following features of the software allow you to revamp asset management to obtain streamlined business workflows:

One: Track asset movement across locations to minimize risks

More often than the usual, employees end up traveling for business events outside the office. To make each errand successful they also take along certain tools and devices. If not monitored properly, business assets are at a great risk of being misplaced or lost. To control such incidences, it is imperative that you come up with rigorous tracking strategies. This can be done with the help of a web based fixed asset management software.

With features like on-spot positioning, this software allows you to record each and every movement of your capital resources. This comes in extremely handy when an employee checkout assets as he/she can easily enter relevant locations as well. An updated database allows you to access the exact tool whereabouts and ownership details. Strict tracking policies let you lower risks associated with infringement and internal fraud.

mobile positioning web based fixed asset management software

Stay in constant control through access to mobile positioning

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Two: Implement stock modules for instant notifications

One of the most crucial aspects of asset management is maintaining and ordering new stock. This can be very overwhelming and counterintuitive if you don’t retain the right quality and quantity. Small and medium-sized companies, as well as big organizations, have a diverse asset base. Each item has its own useful life after which it needs to be restocked. If this is not done on time, your work operations can suffer time delays and inefficiencies.

The above situations can be tackled with the use of a web based fixed asset management software. You can configure the system to send out low stock alerts every time you are near minimum threshold levels. Doing this lets you order new stock on time and avoid overstocking or outages to prevent negative externalities.  

Three: Automate management processes through recurring services

Running business activities manually can be a bit challenging. The reason is simple. You have multiple simultaneous work operations going on and it becomes hard to keep track of every single transaction. When you fail to supervise daily tasks, business performance might deteriorate and eventually take a toll on your finances. To avoid such drastic negative consequences, it is recommended that you automate management processes for effective operations. You can do exactly this through a web based fixed asset management software.

Through the use of an advanced service and maintenance module, you can run recurring services for all your assets. Doing so puts all service and repair sessions in motion automatically. Keep your tools and machines polished to optimize functions and raise productivity levels.

Did you know? 60-70% of all technology spending, software, and services are expected to be cloud-based by the year 2020.

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Four: Run flawless business events through advance bookings

Successful business management is all about efficient multitasking. When it comes to planning conferences and meetings for your company, there are tons of tasks which need to be handled. And even if you miss out on one important detail, your event might not bring out the expected results. So, to keep everything streamlined, the best solution is to plan your events in advance. A web based fixed asset management software lets you access an availability calendar to do exactly this.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider making timely arrangements:

  • Attention to minute details to avoid last minute bookings
  • Well-managed PR for greater guest turnout
  • Lower chance of time conflicts

To avail the above benefits, you need to plan office events on time for greater impact with a cloud-based software program.

event manager web based fixed asset management software

Plan business events in advance to make arrangements on time

Choose EZOfficeInventory to accomplish optimized asset utilization

Companies can be in the market for quite a few years and still not be able to make substantial revenues. One of the reasons for this malpractice can be a poor management system. It can be challenging to run multi-structural companies without a sound base to handle the growing assets. To ensure maximum returns, it is absolutely critical that you install a web based fixed asset management software.

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EZOfficeInventory is one type of this software which offers you a multitude of supercharged features. Its promise is to take care of your assets to raise efficiency and productivity of your work operations. With the ability to use RFID tracking to take mass actions at once, you can save valuable time and streamline daily activities as well.  

In order to help you carry out seamless tasks, EZOfficeInventory stores all your business information in a safe and secure database. This data is easily accessible to everyone in the office. Such practices enable a healthier work environment with increased collaboration. You can also limit audiences to lower risk of fraud if need be. By using EZOfficeInventory, you can implement a user-friendly workspace for your employees. Make the right choice for your business and gain higher revenues through EZOfficeInventory!

How can a web based fixed asset management software help your business?

EZOfficeInventory is a cloud based fixed asset management software designed for small businesses and multinational organizations to help them run streamlined management operations and generate higher revenues.

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