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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Molten Lava Cake Feature Release December 2015 Asset Tracking Software

Molten Lava Cake – Feature Release December 2015 – Asset Tracking Software


Here are some of the fresh enhancements that we launched in our Feature Release ‘Molten Lava Cake’. As always, they are aimed at setting an even smoother ride for your business ahead.

login multiple account with same email id

Use same Email for multiple accounts: We now support multiple accounts associated with the same email address. It will come in handy if you have more than one Division/Team in your organization; say Team A and Team B. What’s great is that you can be signed in to all your EZOfficeInventory companies simultaneously without any need to switch (sign in/out) any of your accounts. We recommend accessing your company portal directly at <company subdomain>

asset stock enhancements

Asset Stock Enhancements: A number of enhancements have been added to Asset Stock to make equipment tracking easier. Like Assets and Inventory, you can now transfer Asset Stock from one location to another, say 150 out of 500 chairs to be transferred from NYC’s warehouse to New Jersey’s workshop. Enable transfer of Asset Stock from Settings -> Add Ons. Now you can also track the location where the asset stock quantity is checked out at e.g. 100 chairs picked up from NYC Warehouse, checked out at Rockefeller Center. You can check the location status from the checked out line item page.


LDAP Supercharged: Previously, you had to manually sync user data from your LDAP server to EZOfficeInventory account, but now it’s automated from Settings -> Add Ons -> LDAP Integration -> Check Auto Sync. The sync takes place every 24 hours. EZOfficeInventory uses emails to match users in LDAP. Additionally, import staff data from your LDAP server to EZOfficeInventory account as members in a flick.

utilization report

Utilization Reports: Asset Utilization Report has also been touched up. Keep track of how many times an item was utilized during a specified duration. It’s useful when you have to optimize the usage of assets and maximize their ROI. The new enhancement enables you to run the utilization numbers by location e.g. Power Generator used for 100 hours at Rockefeller Center. A similar report for Asset Stock has also been added. Explore more from Reports.

Reservations List can also be customized, much like the asset/inventory list. You can choose the columns as per your needs e.g. a custom field asked on reservation or notes.
– Removal of First Name field for scenarios where companies have one name e.g. Max-Roofing.
– Mass import of Display Images via Excel. The display images column in excel will contain the image urls from external source (Google Docs, Dropbox, Flickr etc).
– Dashboard can be customized to show Locations Map from Settings -> My Settings.
– Like Assets in Bundles, advanced criteria (e.g. 10 stock of inventory from Group Chocolates) is now also available for Inventory/Asset Stock.

Upcoming Release – NY Cheesecake
We are working on some exciting new integrations for our next planned feature release ‘NY Cheesecake’. This includes SAML SSO for Login, Zendesk for IT Asset Tracking with tickets, and Salesforce for tracking demo equipment lent to opportunities/leads.

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