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How to Shortlist an All-in-One Tool Inventory App for your Business


No matter what size of business you are running, you MUST control, manage and track your inventory at all times and from anywhere. Inventory management has never been as important as it is today because business transactions take place on a global scale covering multiple locations. You simply cannot rely on manual counting and tracking of inventory anymore. Going mobile is absolutely essential for business entrepreneurs who require the flexibility to run their business from anywhere they want. Enterprise-level tool inventory tracking systems are both expensive and difficult to use. Imagine how frustrating that is for an organization that direly needs to track tools and equipment at multiple locations.

Fortunately, pocket-friendly and flexible cloud-based inventory apps are increasingly making it easier to remotely manage all your tools and other inventory items. They make data search, visualization and entry easier, no matter what location or time it is simply by using your tablets and smartphones. There are tons of inventory app options out there for Android and iOS devices providing custom options sure to fit your business needs. From automated alerts to barcode scanning, having a tool tracking app sure is a business essential to simplify complex business processes and needs.

But how do you choose one for yourself? We have gathered a list of features or factors you should definitely consider before taking the leap of buying a tool inventory app for your business.

1. Use of Integrations

tool inventory app for third-party integrations

Can your inventory operate in a black hole? No. Inventory app doesn’t either. You need to check out the available software integration options to find the right one for your business. If you don’t plan to integrate your tool inventory app right now, it will only become critical. As your business grows, so will your integrations along with it. Your company will eventually have multiple systems for different scenarios to help with your operations and you will require integrations to have a seamless flow of information. Some of these efficient tool management software also integrates with business services like FedEx, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Shopify and even online selling platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Integrate all your important software to keep your business running seamlessly.

Business integrations are commonly created between e-commerce, ERP, CRM, Point of Sale, accounting, inventory management and other management software. Make sure the tool inventory app you choose for your business integrates with your existing third-party tools and in-house systems as it will enable system visibility, provide real-time updates across all of your systems, increase overall customer satisfaction and eliminate the process of manual data entry.

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2. The functionality to add multiple locations

How problematic it is for managers when work is in progress at multiple locations but they are not able to keep track of their tool inventory! If your business is of nature where work happens to be going on at several different locations, then you better choose an app that supports multiple locations. With location management feature, you can transfer items between various locations, ship and receive them from more than one place and track your inventory stored in all of these locations.

Many of these apps have a barcode scanning option that allows you to keep track of your inventory across different locations. You can track each and every item that has a serial number keeping you updated on your profit and loss figures. This feature comes in handy when you are managing inventories for different businesses. Barcode technology enables seamless addition of new products. Tracking your inventory through electronic identification is necessary when you are moving large volumes of products. Barcode management helps to efficiently and quickly scan items that are transferred, sold or received.

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3. Must have a user-friendly interface

Don’t you just get irked when the user interface is so unfriendly? Sometimes, it is the overall layout of the app that makes it difficult to use. Having a versatile and clean design is a good place to start using automated tool inventory app. Having an app that has different information categories to meet your organizational needs and format can be plus point. In addition to this, it also enables you to customize your inventory database.

Does customizing sound too intimidating at the moment? Then the app should also have preset forms as a choice for you to remain organized. A user-friendly interface surely counts, especially for beginners.

4. The type of inventory you track

Apps are usually specialized for a certain kind of inventory. For instance, some cloud-based systems are meant for hospital IT support and help them save precious hours of hospital’s staff. Similarly, the tool inventory app you choose will also depend on the kind of inventory your organization has.

There are apps that are actually specific to their service fields. If temperature control or work orders are crucial factors, then invest in tool inventory apps that have real-time stock update and location reporting feature.

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5. The ability to gather business insights and reports

Unlock business insights and frontline operational data with this feature. You will know where most field repairs are done, which staff member is the top performer and when purchase orders were processed. You will also be aware of extremely valuable information like out of stock item or back-ordered items. Your company can order and plan at the right time.

tool inventory app reporting feature

Some of the common reports that these tool tracking apps offer are order history, inventory totals, asset utilization reports and inventory summary. Such reports help to figure out the sales trends and more profitable products which could be your company’s saving grace.

Get the big picture you want in real-time from across the organization.

Find out the type of reports your company requires to analyze inventory processes and choose an app accordingly. There are apps out there that provide you with details on work orders, materials and equipment, daily reports, project status reports, delay/accidents and more. The good news is that these solutions can be customized to fit your project needs. It could be determining the number of hours that were logged on the skid-steer loader for the day or if the electrical engineer completed his analysis today, the daily reports can keep project managers up-to-date.

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6. A tool inventory app that grows with your business

The amount of inventory you have right now and will be in the future governs the level of sophistication you require from your tool tracking app. It is really important to not only think about today’s inventory but also give some thought to the long-term needs of your business.

Make sure the inventory app you choose grows with your business or at least easily exports to a later choice because you don’t want to manually re-enter all your inventory data when you come to a point that is beyond the functionality of the current system. Do check out if the app contains multiple tiers that give you the chance to start small, but then upgrades when needed without having to completely overhaul to a new system.

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