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Using Small Business Inventory Control Software to Accelerate Your Sales


Setting challenging business goals can give your small business a sense of purpose, enabling it to meet targets more efficiently. Once you have set your sales and revenue objectives, you can start to work on other related business strategies for the year. We say related because, as a sales business, everything you do must somehow be tied into improving and escalating your sales in the long term! Increasing sales involves a great deal of planning, executing, implementing and analyzing. There is no guaranteed way to boost revenues – there are far too many variables floating around – but your best bet is to reduce risk and control these external factors as much as you possibly can. You can achieve this kind of confidence by deploying the right tools for your business; in essence, off-loading some of the administrative burdens onto an automated tool to help you get jobs done quicker and more efficiently than before.

According to the United States Small Business Administration, 54% of all U.S sales come from small and medium businesses. These businesses in particular need to optimize resource allocation and utilization. In fact, this is one of the most crucial points to check off your list if you’re looking to grow your sales. If your inventory is in good shape, well-accounted for, and properly organized for shipping and distribution, you’re already on your way to giving your customers a positive retail experience!

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How can a small business inventory control software help you increase sales?

A small business inventory control software can greatly optimize your operations. This kind of system  comes with supercharged features for your business, allowing you to maintain highly secure data,  fast deployment, and crucial tracking and logging features that make managing sales inventory a breeze. This helps your business achieve its targets faster. In this way, proper inventory control tools coupled with an insightful marketing strategy will definitely boost your sales and enable you to scale painlessly!

You can use this system to track your inventory from the warehouse all through to the point of sale. This means you’re aware of every activity involving an item – whether it’s being relabelled in storage, or is being delivered to the shops. Being a user-friendly system, it also helps your employees perform their duties better and faster. Say an employee has to load a huge number of items from different parts of a warehouse onto a truck for delivery.  The employee can simply bring up the items on the system, check where they’re located, and make quick work of getting their hands on all the deliverables!

But let’s get specific! Below, we’ll talk about the kinds of features you can expect to see in a small business inventory control software, and discuss how you can best use them to revamp your sales for better outcomes.

Keep on top of demand by reducing shortages

When it comes to dealing with sales inventory, you should avoid stock-outs. Even if you cannot afford to carry too much inventory, you can still plan ahead to ensure none of your customers have to go home empty-handed! Maintaining a balance and staying ahead of your inventory schedules is the key here. You can develop efficient procurement mechanisms with the help of small business inventory control software. This helps you out with all the nitty gritty details, like when and what to order, the months in which you should start building reserves, and which items you shouldn’t be ordering anymore!

You should be able to manage different vendors centrally, including details such as the services they provide you, the cost at which they’re pricing these services, and your entire purchase history with them. This helps you communicate with them much more clearly, and make your entire team aware of procurement schedules. Of course, being able to draft purchase orders through a small business inventory control software is a huge bonus, as it streamlines your workflows and lets you do all your ordering right where you’re managing your items. This also ensures that you never miss out on a restock deadline. You can set minimum thresholds for your inventory and get automatic alerts when you are about to run out of an item. By being fully stocked at all times, you will be in a better position to gain your customers’ good will.  

small business inventory control software

Stay on top of sale transactions by managing assets across locations

Get organized, and stay that way

Supermarkets and retail stores of all types often deal in hundreds if not thousands of items. This can be especially tricky to deal with, because you need to keep track of expiration dates, seasonal trends, promotional offers – and all this while procuring, stocking, and moving inventory around between your warehouses and stores!

With the help of the inventory control software, you can group items together based on their usage and classification. For example, perishables can go in one group, and this can further be divided into whether or not they’re edibles, which dates they’re set to expire on, and so on! Sub-classification like this can be a huge help when you’re managing retail inventory – you can sort items by color, size, specification, or really anything you want! This kind of in-depth classification enables you to  improve your workflows and create an organized stock room. The correct tools help get the job done faster, and a small business inventory control software is no different. A well-maintained stock will make picking, packing and shipping products to customers so much easier, and also empower your employees to get their tasks done much more efficiently.

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Develop more robust strategies by analyzing inventory trends

Studying your consumption patterns based on current orders is crucial for increasing sales. You can only perform better if you realize where you can improve. However, to create more robust strategies, you first need to have access to robust data. This what a small business inventory control software can help you attain. Through customizable reports, in-depth insights, and actionable data summaries, you can not only understand your business position better, but you can also use it to make better-informed decisions that further improve your standing.

Say you are a drugstore that sells everyday items. An inventory management software can help you create valuable reports that help you see which items you sell the most. You can then base all your decisions on restocking on a thorough analysis of these reports! Apart from this, you can also look back at your historical data to keep an eye on seasonal trends for your inventory. In this way, seamless inventory management will attract higher sales revenues for your small business because you can predict consumer behavior much more easily.

Gather real time information through order history analysis

Lower theft and improve accountability

Alright, this one isn’t so much about increasing sales as it is about increasing profits. Retail theft is a huge deal for small businesses! A couple of items in and out the door might not seem like a lot, but if you’re a small business, this cost can accumulate over time and really hurt your chances of success! This is especially important as U.S. companies lose a whopping $60 billion annually to ‘retail shrinkage’. For this reason, a small business inventory control software is a crucial ally for reducing risks.

So how can such a system improve accountability and lower instances of theft? All you have to do is stick a Barcode or QR code label onto your inventory, and track everywhere it goes. You can set up alerts for certain actions, and ensure that if an item is somewhere it’s not meant to be, you’re made aware of it immediately! In this way, you can keep track of where your items are and they can be easily retrieved if need be.

Boost sales with the right inventory control software for your small business

One of the easiest ways to maximize your sales revenue is to implement a robust software for inventory management. This is because you can organize inventory items, stay abreast of seasonal trends, bolster accountability and improve your procurement processes, all in one go! These performance features improve resource categorization and allocation, which ultimately leads to greater sales. In this way, smart inventory management practices play a crucial role in optimizing your business processes!

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